Monday, December 24, 2012

childbirth: love or fear

Will Our Babies Experience Natural Childbirth in Love? It is Our Choice

We can choose to stay in a state of love just by maintaining our connection and by realizing that all of that energy that comes surging through you during birth is God energy which is LOVE. And no matter what, make the choice to keep interpreting it as such and not allow it to turn to fear. 

The Importance of Clearing Emotional Blocks before Natural Childbirth

During natural childbirth every emotional block that has not been released prior to birth such as our fears, anxieties, self doubts, sexual issues, and such will find us during our birthing time. Because that is the time when there is no more hiding from our selves, the veil is lifted, the walls crumble and our inner issues come up.
It is important that you take time to clear out these old emotional blocks so that they do not cause you or your baby any more damage. You must find it within yourself to realize that the experiences that have taken place in your life or in your past do not define you; and that you will not let them keep you down any longer. They are only illusions that keep you separated from really seeing the beauty and truth of what you are. You must rise up within, reconnect with your truths and take a stand that you will not allow yourself or your baby to fall out of that beautiful state of divine love. And that you will soar high above the useless illusion of fear, pain, and struggle and reclaim your truth!

You Share the Experience of Natural Childbirth with Your Baby

Remember that your baby experiences what you do, and is working just as hard as you are to be born. Every cell in a Mother’s body is directly linked to every cell of her baby’s body and they are communicating and working with each other throughout their entire birth.
If you are experiencing fear then it will send a signal to your baby to be afraid and hesitant to be born, but if you are experiencing love then it will send a signal of safety, love and security, and that is what will draw your baby peacefully into the world.
In birth the material plane comes secondary, the most important matter is that we find that personal power that exists inside of us and focus it as love. There is unimaginable strength in LOVE, and when it is embraced in its fullness all else falls into place. And that LOVE is what will guide your baby across the threshold of birth.

Natural Childbirth Should be Approached as the Ultimate Meditation

It is only when we allow our own resonance to be activated that we are able to reach that state of deep connection and meditation.
The overwhelming energy of hospitals, drugs, procedures, etc. can all interfere with our original state of being and prevents us from reaching that direct connection with ourselves. They keep us trapped in the role of the victim. We feel like they are there to help our babies to be born, and it is then that we surrender control, not to the higher source, but to the hospital staff or the medical system or whatever may be in place to help our babies to be born.
When we do that we are looking outside of ourselves for the answer, instead of within. And we are not allowing our personal strength, power and vibration to be active.
In order for our babies to be born at that increased vibration we need to step through the door into the truth of our full potential, and see ourselves as we truly are. We are not small, weak or insignificant. We are part of God, we are Goddesses, and we bring life!

I hope this makes some sense to you. I have wanted to share this with you but didn’t know if you’d “get it.” But I believe that you will, and that you have an amazing gift and an amazing amount of personal power. Call upon that power. Call upon it now while you are pregnant. Work every day on your energy, release dark or stagnant energy and refill with light and love.

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