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Hypnobirthing Techniques- 5 Easy Steps to Create a Positive State of Mind During Pregnancy & Natural Childbirth

If you have never used hypnobirthing techniques before they are a great way to help you stay in a positive mindset during your pregnancy and your natural childbirth. Through mastering these techniques you can effectively rid yourself of destructive patterns of negative thinking and empower yourself with the tools needed to replace them with positives. This can go a long way when preparing yourself for birth!
In this article I’ll share with you a few of my favorite hypnobirthing techniques. And also give some tips and pointers on how you can use them to create a truly enjoyable pregnancy and natural childbirth.

Why I Dove into Practicing Hypnobirthing Techniques

As my pregnancy progressed and the old singular me rapidly faded away, I began noticing  a new pathway opening up, and from it emerged a total shift in what I began to value as important. Stronger than any feeling I had ever experienced before sprung this great desire to give my daughter an amazingly beautiful and peaceful birth. It was as if I had received a message, and I somehow intuitively knew that her soul desired to be born this way!
I knew that she deserved to journey into this world completely and wholy saturated in love; and that my job was to simply allow her this experience without letting my own fears and doubts get in the way. In order to do this I would have to find a way to get beyond all of my uncertainties about birth and transform my mind to a place of complete faith and trust in the process.
I was fortunate to come across some amazing hypnobirthing techniques! I began using them in an attempt to retrain my mind to focus on and allow only positive thoughts into my experience and to protect myself from all thoughts and ideas that did not serve me. Through these hypnobirthing techniques I was able to release the fear that I had been holding onto, and my outlook on my amazing pregnancy and upcoming birth began to glow with optimism!

5 Easy Steps to Create and Maintain a Positive State of Mind Using Hypnobirthing Techniques

Step 1 – Commit Yourself to Practicing Positive Hypnobirthing Techniques:  

As with anything else if you want it to truly work for you, you must first commit yourself to it. If you commit yourself to this it is guaranteed to open up a whole new world for you that will not only help you through your pregnancy and natural childbirth, but will continue to improve the quality of your daily life.

Step 2 – Recite Daily Hypnobirthing Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive suggestions that help to arrange your state of mind to feel great. Pin them on your bathroom mirror and read them to yourself every morning upon waking and every night before going to bed, either out loud or in your mind. Another idea is to record yourself saying these affirmations and listen to them during your day.
So take some time to think about and write down some positive things that you would like to remind yourself of. They should be statements that make you feel safe, they should invoke positive, peaceful, calm and loving feelings about your pregnancy and birth. And remember to always use positive phrasing.
Here are some examples of positive hypnobirthing affirmations:
 “I love my pregnant body and I feel Great!”
“I know that my baby is growing healthy and strong inside of me now.”
“I trust birth, and I allow my body to easily lead me.”
“I know that there is no limit to how deeply I can relax.”
“I look forward to our birthing time.”
“I know that my baby will be born peacefully.”

Step 3- Avoid Negative Self Talk:

This seems pretty simple right? Do not talk bad about yourself. Do not put yourself down. And stop complaining.

Step 4- Avoid Negative People and Situations:

Having a natural childbirth you are going to face all sorts of opposition, this can come from friends, family, doctors and even complete strangers. Stand firm in your beliefs and don’t let anyone succeed in filling you with their fears.
If you know there are going to be certain situations or people that are going to be negative, try to avoid them at all costs until after your birth! I know that this is not always possible which is why next I am going to teach you my personal favorite in Step 5.

Step 5- Create and Use Your Bubble of Peace and Protection

This is a magic bubble that you create around yourself that protects you and your baby by acting as a kind of sheild repelling all negative thoughts, ideas, energies and suggestions. At the same time that it is keeping these bad things out, it is also protecting and strengthening feelings of peace, comfort and love inside of it. Your magic bubble of peace and protection is easy to create and is available for you to use instantly at any time or place!

To create this bubble all you have to do is take a few moments to find a quiet spot, and begin relaxing very deeply, then imagine surrounding your entire body and especially your baby in a beautiful white light. You may imagine, see, feel or just sense this light around you. Focus on and feel an abundance of peace and love radiating within it.
Once you feel yourself completely surrounded in this light your bubble of peace and protection is ready to be used. Remember that it is available to you at any time!  Use it whenever you feel that you may need to shield yourself, such as before you go into a public place, or at doctors appointments, when you around certain people, or in any stressful situations. All you have to do is imagine that bubble of light around you and it will instantly be there working for you!
If you would like to add a triple layer of protection all you have to do is imagine adding a layer of purple and a layer of green to your bubble.

Perfecting Your New Hypnobirthing Techniques

Now just because you have vowed to remain positive does not mean that you will no longer be faced with negative situations. But now you have to tools to deal with them. So instead of looking at so called “negative” situations as a bad thing begin to view them as a good thing.
Negative situations are not presented to you anymore to corrupt your thoughts, cause you fears, or detract from your positive ideas, they are now here simply as a platform for you to practice and perfect your tools and ability to remain calm and peaceful in the light of any situation.
I hope you enjoy putting these wonderful hypnobirthing techniques to use, and I look forward to hearing your comments on how they are working for you!


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